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1BoogiemanIn hell
2SunrideHey boy
3B-thongIn my eyes
4Ojo RojoRun in circles
5Sixty Watt ShamanRed colony
6CreedAre you ready?
7Monster MagnetKick out the jams
8Monster MagnetSin's a good man's brother
9Pride & GloryLosin' your mind
10Seven Mary ThreeHeadstrong
117Zuma7Hot stuff
12SissiesPissed coyote
13PayolaBeyond my balls
14Blind DogFollow the fools
15LullacryBe my god
16Melissa auf der MaurLightning is my girl
17Masters of RealityJody Frosty
18Masters of RealityI walk beside your love
19Masters of RealityThe desert song
20Masters of RealityIt's so hard
21ParadiseBlue hurricane
22TurbonegroThe age of Pamparius
23Alice in ChainsGrind
24Smashing PumpkinsCherub rock

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