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  Artist Titel
1 Sepultura Territory
2 Slayer Manditory suicide
3 Akimbo Great white bull
4 Orange Goblin Nuclear guru
5 Sgt. Sunshine Overload
6 Colour Haze Earth
7 Hangnail Side / slide
8 End of Level Boss Step the mind gap
9 Solarez What you burn for
10 TK Webb & The Visions Patience & fortitude
11 Botanica The truth fish
12 Das Weeth Experience Back with a lie
13 Eels Novocaine for the soul
14 Frank Zappa Purple haze
15 Eagles of Death Metal Cheap thrills
16 Eagles of Death Metal I'm your torpedo
17 Eagles of Death Metal Anything 'cept the truth
18 Turbonegro Self destructo bust
19 Warrior Soul Love destruction
20 Alice in Chains Junkhead
21 Carolyne Mas Thomas Dunsons revenge
22 Brant Bjork & The Bros Freaks of nature


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