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  Artist Titel
1 Lucky Funeral My dealer is the best
2 Jumping Jack Smoke the clouds
3 Brutus Hypnotized
4 Blood Island Raiders Demon
5 Earl Greyhound S.O.S.
6 Mother Tongue Damage (live)
7 Fatso Jetson Jet black boogie
8 Keef The green shade
9 Orcus Chylde The day the seventh angel came
10 Sweet Apple Crawling over bodies
11 Count Raven The entity
12 Tiamat On golden wings
13 Witchcraft If crimson was your colour
14 Hellsingland Underground Shuffle day by day
15 Sungrazer Mountain dusk
16 Ufomammut Stigma
17 Samsara Blues Experiment Singata mystic queen
18 Baby Woodrose Renegade soul
19 The Soulbreaker Company Surely never come
20 Rotor Neatz brigade


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