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  Artist Titel
1 Down On march the saints
2 Cowboys & Aliens Waiting at the gates
3 Triggerfinger Inner peace
4 Leadfoot Built in a day
5 ZZ Top Got me under pressure (live)
6 ZZ Top Pearl necklace (live)
7 Atomic Bitchwax Wreck you
8 Gentlemans Pistols Heavy petting
9 Graveyard Don't take us for fools
10 Mother Misery Cure and remedy
11 Soulshake Express Little lover
12 Madrugada Proxy
13 The Sound Ex Loss
14 Nifters The dandelion
15 Exits to Freeways It's so hard to know you now
16 Tom Waits Hoist that rag
17 Mark Lanegan Band Like little Willie John
18 Jud Chasing the pain away
19 Tito & Tarantula Monsters
20 Bigelf Gravest show on earth
21 Hutchinson Down
22 Lird van Goles United kerosin
23 Fatso Jetson Magma
24 Goatsnake Knucklebuster
25 Wooly Mammoth Slow love


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