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  Artist Titel
1 Gutbucket 82 hour bus hellride
2 Jello Biafra with the Melvins Yuppie Cadillac
3 Clutch Cypress grove (live)
4 Five Horse Johnson It ain't easy
5 Backdraft Sugar mama
6 Eagles of Death Metal Now I'm a fool
7 Wo Fat Analog man
8 Sideburn Ceremony
9 Gorilla Monsoon Codeine commander
10 Valient Thorr Mask of sanity
11 Driver In the night times
12 Stonebride To follow
13 Alix Ground
14 Troy Torino Teleporter
15 Isis Stone to wake a serpent
16 Black Nova Cut off my wings
17 Dusty Miller Voodoo drum
18 Ampersand New Orleans
19 Truckfighters Con of man
20 Hella Donna Liberty
21 Kiemsa Orange duck
22 Fuzz Manta Night fright
23 The Suede Brothers So low


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