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1D.A.D.Sleeping my day away
2D.A.D.Bad craziness
3Burning BridesPlank of fire
4HangnailClouds in the head
5MustaschMonday warrior
7Fu ManchuSpace farm
8NebulaOut of your head
9Masters of RealityWhy the fly?
10Desert SessionsDead in love
11A Perfect CircleMagdalena
12Sixty Watt ShamanFear death by water
13ProbotShake your blood
14ProbotIce cold man
15ProbotThe emerald law
16ProbotMy tortured soul
17Aytobach KreisorMe, myself and you
18BigbangFire and oil
19Ten Years AfterGood morning little schoolgirl
21UltrasoundStay young
22On TrialFive senses
23TurbonegroFuck the world

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