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  Artist Titel
1 Scissorfight Mud & guts
2 My Uncle the Wolf The same as fire
3 Dixie Witch Goin' south
4 Nixon Now Into the nixon
5 Johnson Noise The watcher
6 Pilomotor On this night
7 Slaves to Gravity Heaven is a lie
8 Masters of Reality Up in it
9 The Devilrock Four Dancefloor
10 Driver Only a toe
11 Driver Motor
12 Driver Perfect
13 Nebula Aphrodite
14 Fu Manchu Hang on
15 Torche Sandstorm
16 Alice in Chains Man in the box
17 Stone Temple Pilots Piece of pie
18 Nirvana Stay away
19 Mudhoney Blinding sun
20 Screaming Trees Julie Paradise
21 Liquid Jesus Finding my way
22 Mother Love Bone Heartshine
23 Pearl Jam Deep
24 Soundgarden Mailman
25 Temple of the Dog Your saviour
26 Raging Slab What have you done


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