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  Artist Titel
1 Deathkiller Fear & loathing in DC
2 Rage Against the Machine Kick out the jams
3 Mandala Crack sister
4 Wallrus Charlaine
5 The Hidden Hand Desensitized
6 sHeavy Last of the V8 interceptors
7 Blowback Lazy
8 Dead Man Goin' over the hill
9 Matt Boroff & The Mirrors Pig Street
10 Matt Boroff & The Mirrors Zombie machine
11 Matt Boroff & The Mirrors Black balloon
12 Selig Arsch einer Göttin
13 Payola The bigger the cat
14 TK Webb & The Visions Dreen drone death
15 Black Stone Cherry Reverend Wrinkle
16 Motörhead Teach you how to sing the blues
17 Motörhead The thousand names of God
18 Jud Actress
19 Bad Religion Let them eat war
20 Green Day Welcome to paradise
21 Gallon Drunk Down at the harbour
22 Clutch Smoke banshee
23 Dusty Miller The grand sleep


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