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  Artist Titel
1 McLusky To hell with good intensions
2 Shellac My black ass
3 Corrosion of Conformity Albatross
4 Down Stone the crow
5 Tom Hingley & The Lovers Online pharmacy
6 The The Violence of truth
7 Madrugada Look away Lucifer
8 The Soulshake Express Gypsy daughter
9 Johnossi Send more money
10 Johnossi Zeppelin
11 Johnossi 18 karat gold
12 Siena Root Time will tell
13 Gorilla Monsoon Damage king
14 Frank Zappa The torture never stops
15 Eläkeläiset Humpalle vaan
16 Dead Man Rest in peace
17 Dead Man Footsteps
18 Firewater Dark days indeed
19 Dali's Llama Sweet sludge
20 Telestrion Get your mind out
21 Durango Riot Drivers
22 Unida Human tornado


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