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1Raging SpeedhornNecrophiliac glue sniffer
2DownsetTake 'em out
3Brand New SinArrived
4SentencedMay today become the day
5Dog Fashion DiscoLeper friend
6No Means NoDisappear
8SpirituClean Livin'
9Sandy DillonRescue me
10Tom WaitsShake it
11Queens of the Stone AgeBurn the witch
12Queens of the Stone AgeThe blood is love
13SoundgardenThe day I tried to live
14LowriderThe gnome, the serpent, the sun
15MudhoneyDyin' for it
16Smashing PumpkinsZero
17Primal ScreamSwastika eyes
18The MovementNo regrets
19TurbonegroFuck the world
20Mondo GeneratorOpen up and bleed for me
21The TheSlow train to dawn
22DoverKing George
23ClutchShip of gold

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