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  Artist Titel
1 Slayer God send death
2 Pantera Fucking hostile
3 The Fades 1995
4 The Fades Life support
5 Trabant Nasty boy
6 De La Mancha Release all light
7 Astrosoniq After life rulers
8 Douglas Unger All of you
9 The Freeks Lost and never found
10 The Freeks Invasion of the earthworm (Uncle Jack's last freek out)
11 The Freeks The go-go get
12 Veagaz Moon boots
13 Witch Seer
14 Witch Sweet Sue
15 Goon Moon The golden ball
16 Navel Keep me dry
17 Navel For a while
18 Navel Out of my way
19 Mudhoney Running out
20 Mudhoney The lucky ones
21 Mudhoney The open mind
22 No Shame Take the money & run


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