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  Artist Titel
1 Pantera Mouth for war
2 Nine Inch Nails Slipping away
3 Kummerbuben Guggisberglied
4 Pain of Salvation No way
5 Spacehog In the meantime
6 Ben Becker Brian Jones
7 Black Country Communion Down again
8 Cherry Choke I can see the girls grow
9 Amplifier Panzer
10 Peer Gynt Three
11 Wheel Ethereal sleep
12 Jex Thoth Son of Yule
13 Smoke Blow Summer of betrayal
14 Smoke Blow N.F.O.S.
15 Fatso Jetson Back road tar
16 Drive like Maria Sure enough
17 Smashing Pumpkins Siva
18 The Picturebooks Take it!
19 Omnia Saltatio vita
20 Causa Sui Top of the hill
21 Rodinia Puzzle Monochrome
22 Screaming Trees Caught between


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