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1SissiesHam on rye
2ChevelleFamily system
3HelmetI know
4Drunk HorseHigh score
5A Perfect CircleSleeping beauty
6Dead Soul TribeWhy?
8MassWhite light yellow Part One
9Eagles of Death MetalI only want you
10Sea of GreenOut of my head
11El CacoSuffer
12GreatdayforupSoul of a motherfucker
15Therapy?Not in any name
16Danko JonesSold my soul
17ClutchOpen up the border
18DisgrooveUpside down
19StaindIt's been awhile
20BushEverything zen
21Jane's AddictionChip away
22Mark Lanegan BandSideways in reverse
23Monster MagnetNegasonic teenage warhead
24Atomic BitchwaxHope you die
25Los NatasPatas de elefante
26Awesome MachineCure me

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