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Artist Titel

1 Sepultura Uma cura
2 Pantera Mouth for war
3 Down On march the saints
4 Brand New Sin Said and done
5 The Solution Had you told it like it was
6 The Solution You got what you wanted
7 The Solution You gotta come down
8 Mountain Masters of war
9 Voodooshock Diamond queen
10 Terrorgruppe Ernst August
11 Die Ärzte Breit
12 Rinderwahnsinn Lebendig begraben
13 Social Distortion Dear Lover
14 Louis Lament Pimp bride (with a smoke smile)
15 The Strange Death of Liberal England I saw evil
16 Mother Tongue Ha ha
17 Mother Tongue Always forever
18 Mother Tongue Nightbird sing
19 Pothead Toxic
20 Pothead Moctezuma
21 Pothead Rocket boy
22 Lird Van Goles Indoor - Cuhurum dooom
23 Lird Van Goles Transport your bodies and leave
24 Lird Van Goles Should've gone


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