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  Artist Titel
1 Grantig Medizin
2 Therapy? Clowns galore
3 Freedom Hawk My road
4 Nifters G.O.D.
5 Astrosoniq As soon as they got airborne
6 Gomer Pyle Your sun
7 Instant Karma Beef and the blue sea
8 Butthole Surfers Earthquake
9 The Parlotones Life design
10 The Picturebooks I'm drawing hearts on your jeans
11 Postaudio Verbunden mit Zweifel
12 Ben Folds Five Mess
13 Diamond Nights Drip drip
14 The Black Crowes Remedy
15 Creature with the Atom Brain Lonely light
16 David Judson Clemmons To leave this room
17 Kyuss El Rodeo
18 Melvins The mechanical bride
19 El Caco I spill the water
20 Ladyfinger (NE) Bones
21 Karma Cowboys Shooting star
22 Tool Forty six & 2
23 Rollins Band Fool


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