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  Artist Titel
1 Atari Teenage Riot Midijunkies
2 McLusky Lightsabre cocksucking blues
3 Dusty Miller Devil's hoof
4 The Sword Iron swan
5 Sgt. Sunshine Overload
6 Crowbar The lasting dose
7 Dusty Miller Ten billion miles
8 Dÿse Underlaydisc
9 Motörhead Rock out
10 Dusty Miller Voodoo drum
11 Supergiant 888
12 Supergiant Beginning
13 Smoke Blow Bozena
14 Queens of the Stone Age Back to Dungaree High
15 Dusty Miller Febrifuge
16 Novadriver Spinning into no future
17 Black Sabbath Killing yourself to live
18 Rotor V-ger
19 Primal Scream Swastika eyes
20 Gutbucket Skyrider
21 Melvins Going blind
22 Scumbucket Images of devils burn
23 Dover Rain of the times
24 Dusty Miller The grand sleep
25 My Uncle the Wolf Lift the storm
26 Scoff Some say
27 Unida Human tornado
28 Corrosion of Conformity In the arms of God
29 Witch Seer
30 Dusty Miller Way down
31 Greg Graffin Don't be afraid to run
32 Helldorado The ballad of Nora Lee
33 Greyhound Soul Midnight radio
34 Dusty Miller The war is over (unplugged live im Studio)
35 Mother Tongue Burn baby
36 Stone Temple Pilots Down
37 Pantera Fucking hostile
38 The Freeks Lost and never found
39 Parliament Testify
40 The Solution You got what you wanted
41 Electric Eel Shock Don't say fuck
42 Queen You're my best friend
43 Dusty Miller Institution green
44 Steamhammer Water / Junior's wailing
45 Queens of the Stone Age Who'll be the next in line
46 Peter Pan Speedrock Megasoetitas
47 Dusty Miller Between the stones
48 Terrorgruppe Kathedralen


Gäste im Studio:  Dusty Miller


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