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  Artist Titel
1 Church of Misery The gray man
2 Fu Manchu Gathering speed
3 Boogieman In hell
4 Brain Police The journey is the destination
5 Glow Seasons
6 Kamchatka Wood
7 Black Mountain Old fangs
8 Wovenhand Behind your breath
9 Earthbend Evermore
10 Silvery Return or ahead
11 Revolving Door Break the line
12 Earl Greyhound Oye vaya
13 Lord Bishop Rocks Down from the sky
14 Lord Bishop Rocks Turn off the radio
15 Abramis Brama Parts of my mind
16 Gemini One Titan II
17 Torche Fuck addict
18 Grinderman Heathen child
19 Grinderman When my baby comes
20 Grinderman Kitchenette
21 Dan Auerbach I want some more
22 Radio Moscow Broke down
23 Lucky Funeral Lucky funeral


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