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  Artist Titel
1 Sepultura Uma cura
2 Rage Against the Machine Killing in the name
3 Nirvana Lithium
4 Red Hot Chili Peppers Suck my kiss
5 Powersolo Pirates of the oblivion
6 Powersolo Elvin D Jerk (Part 2)
7 Powersolo Psych demons
8 Die Ärzte Deine Freundin (wäre mir zu anstrengend)
9 Melvins The mechanical bride
10 Truckfighters Monte Gargano
11 Truckfighters Loose
12 Truckfighters Last curfew
13 Harmful Notwithstanding
14 The Bakerton Group Work 'em
15 The Bakerton Group Bien classico
16 The Bakerton Group Peruvian airspace
17 Syd Barrett Clowns & jugglers
18 Dan Auerbach Whispered words
19 Dan Auerbach My last mistake
20 Dan Auerbach Heartbroken, in disrepair
21 Therapy? The head that tried to strangle itself
22 Therapy? Clowns galore
23 Therapy? Somnambulist
24 Soundgarden Kickstand
25 Ladyfinger (NE) Bones
26 Ladyfinger (NE) A.D.D.
27 Ladyfinger (NE) Read the will


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