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  Artist Titel
1 Shellac My black ass
2 McLusky Rock vs. single parents
3 McLusky Why I don't believe in you
4 QOTSA If only
5 The Ftreeks Coming on
6 Lowrider Dust sattlin'
7 Monster Magnet Brainstorm
8 The Solution Happiness
9 The Bridge Shake 'em down
10 PJ Harvey Sheela-na-gig
11 PJ Harvey Water
12 PJ Harvey Naked cousin
13 The Black Keys Strange times
14 Johnossi There's a lot of things to do before you die
15 Zeke Evil dead
16 Cretin 66 She don't like the Bad Brains
17 Bad Religion Sinister rouge
18 Hanson Brothers Tranquil
19 No Means No This story must be told
20 King Crimson Epitaph
21 Valient Thorr Exit strategy
22 Therapy? Denim Demon
23 Revolver Sucks to be you
24 Smoke Blow Hate kill destroy
25 Carrera Kamp Lintfort
26 Jud Universal
27 Clutch American sleep
28 Spiritual Beggars Left brain ambassador
29 Causa Sui Lotus
30 Rotor Auf's Maul


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