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  Artist Titel
1 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Skunk
2 Rollins Band One Shot
3 Faith No More Smaller and smaller
4 Dog Fashion Disco Headless
5 Scumbucket Images of Devils burn
6 Blackmail The Fjords of Zimbabwe
7 Ampersand Boredom & Identity
8 The Hellacopters Down on Freestreet
9 The Screaming Stukas Work it out Sheela
10 The Flaming Sideburns Conspiracy
11 Sunride  Vinegar Fly
12 Jud Fast & Low
13 Nebula To the center
14 Beehoover Damn you Charlie Brown
15 Das Weeth Experience River of destruction
16 Electric Wizard Satanic Rites of Dracula
17 Shepherd Wednesday
18 Grantig 24 Jahre
19 Tom Waits Coney Island Baby
20 Marc Lanegan Hotel
21 Stone Roses Fools Gold
22 Northside Take 5
23 The Dylans I hope the weather stays fine
24 Brain Donor Get off your pretty face


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