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1AmenRefuse Amen
3Mondo GeneratorOpen up and bleed for me
4Sons of OtisSuper typhoon
5Sons of OtisNothing
6Sons of OtisThe truth
7Sons of OtisSidebar
8Sons of OtisClowns
9BlackmailOn the tightrope
11BlackmailSlow summer
12BlackmailNobody's home
14LacunaHidden behind arts
15Monster MagnetNegasonic teenage warhead
16Smoke BlowSkoolyard fool
17Mother TongueDemage
18ToolThe patient
19MolotovQue no te haga bobo jakobo
21Screaming TreesWitness
22Queens Of The Stone AgeMosquito song
23Mark LaneganKimiko's dream house
24Desert SessionsHangin' tree
25Tom WaitsConey Island baby
26MagooEast polar opposite can dream
27BlurGirls & boys
28Primal ScreamSome velvet morning
29PlaceboSpecial K
30PlaceboPassive aggressive
31Cave InSeafrost
32Cave InInspire
33Cave InYouth overrided
34Cave InWoodwork
35Les Hommes Qui Wear EspandrillosDown by the sea
36NirvanaIn bloom
37Alice In ChainsJunkhead
38MudhoneyIn the winners circle
39King Khan & His ShrinesThe mashed potatoe itch
40King Khan & His ShrinesTook my lady to dinner
41King Khan & His ShrinesShivers down my spine
42King Khan & His ShrinesTell me
43The ShocksMatrikel Micha

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