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  Artist Titel
1 McLusky To hell with good intensions
2 Toxic Shock Syndrom Anti vivisection song
3 Violent Femmes Dating days
4 The Teenage Idols Soul punk
5 The Teenage Idols Here she comes
6 The Bridge 14 days
7 The Bridge The ballad of clear rock
8 The Bridge Easy Jane
9 The Bridge Chains
10 Smashing Pumpkins United States
11 Alex Face Black silver lightning
12 Gin Palace Further in
13 The Bones Railroad track
14 Big Strides  £ 2.49
15 Cult Born into this
16 Spiritu Slump
17 Bobaflex Guardian
18 Gallon Drunk Down at the harbour
19 Gallon Drunk All hands lost at sea
20 Houston Swing Engine New wave hookers
21 Houston Swing Engine Sleazy division
22 Houston Swing Engine When I come all over you
23 Interstellar Pirates The lucky part
24 Eläkeläiset Kuuma humppa


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