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2Sergej the FreakTurboville
3Bullet for my ValentineTears don't fall
4FlyleafI'm so sick
5Derek SherinianMan with no name
6The QuillSlave / master
7WolfmotherWhere eagleshave been
8Siena RootComing home
9Year Long DisasterVictory at sea
10Liquid VisionsNuclear war
11Mother MiseryMy enemy
12TruckfightersDesert cruiser
13Colour HazeAlways me
14SamosKomm schon
15HainlooseProud of my doom
16Causa SuiWhere the streams collide
17JosiahBlack country killer
18DisengageFever dreams
19sHeavyStanding at the edge of the world
20La Ira de DiosPerdido en el espacio

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