Kopf und Bauch 


1EntombedDamn deal done
3D.A.D.Scare yourself
4Oomph!Das letzte Streichholz
5Tea PartyWriting's on the wall
6Melissa auf der MaurFollowed the waves
8The Kings of Frog IslandThe longest hour
9WolfmotherMind's eye
10MadrugadaThe kids are on high street
11Alice in ChainsSea of sorrow
13Goon MoonNo umbrellas
14AbdullahSeven doors
15HerbertDevil's garden
16LacunaButterfly dancer
17Colour HazeShine
18Brant BjorkLow desert punk
19Smoke BlowKiller in love
20Mother TongueTides
21Frank BlackLos Angeles
22The GatheringShortest day
23Sons of OtisThe pusher
24Marble SheepLast race