Kopf und Bauch 



  Artist Titel
1 Pantera Rise
2 Revolver Sucks to be you
3 Dead Meadow What needs must be
4 Electric Wizard Master of alchemy
5 Bomb Texas Are you ready
6 Bomb Texas Fixin'
7 Bomb Texas Get outta my pagoda
8 Mutants Outerspace odyssey
9 Botanica Billboard Jesus
10 The Herbaliser Amores bongo
11 The Herbaliser Clap your hands
12 Orange Sunshine No time to waste
13 Asteroid Speaking to the sea
14 Gogol Bordello When the trickster starts a-poking
15 Die Ärzte Heulerei
16 Johnossi Santa Monica Bay
17 Blackmail Evon
18 Long Walk Home Dear Kitty
19 Melvins Suicide in progress
20 Melvins Billy Fish
21 Melvins Nude with boots
22 Nifters A favour in vain
23 Blind Circus Blue Lady
24 Black Keys I got mine
25 Cretin 66 Bang yer fuckin' head
26 Zeke The river