Kopf und Bauch 



  Artist Titel
1 Entombed Out of heaven
2 Nomeansno It's catching up
3 Ufomammut Blind
4 Lord Sterling Password
5 Turbonegro I'm in love with the destructive girls
6 Clutch Impetus
7 Eleven You will know
8 Gallon Drunk Outside of love
9 Rose Hill Drive Sneak out
10 Rose Hill Drive Trans Am
11 Rose Hill Drive Do you wanna get high?
12 Jud Bright white light
13 Jud Asylum
14 Jud Drained
15 Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains Scott Taylor
16 The Strange Death of Liberal England I saw evil
17 Earth Flight A romance of souls
18 Atomic Bitchwax Pawn shop
19 Atomic Bitchwax Middle man
20 Bomb Texas Low
21 The Durango Riot (Rama Lama) Midnight haze
22 Gomer Pyle Bring on the diesel
23 Gentlemans Pistols Parking banshee
24 Valient Thorr Nomadic sacrifice
25 Harmful Overfed
26 Angst vor Clowns Stewardess